Overcome the 250MB File Size Limit for QuickBooks Online

Is your QuickBooks file too big to be migrated to QuickBooks Online Edition? If so, we can prepare your file so it WILL migrate.

There is a 250MB file size limit for creating a "Copy for QuickBooks Online" file. You have to create that file within QuickBooks
in order for your QuickBooks data to be importable into QuickBooks Online Edition. QuickBooks cannot create the file if your QBW file is 250MB or larger.

Now, however, you can upload the 250MB+ file to us and we will condense it down to an exportable size. In fact, we will return to you
the OE.QBW file, the "Copy for QuickBooks Online" ready for you to import into QuickBooks Online.

How do we do it? We consolidate enough prior transactions so that the file size will fit under the limit. We will retain as many years of data as we can
to still create the online export file. Your current year account balances will be the same even when prior years' detail is removed.

Pricing: $700 for a company where the QBW file is 350MB or less (press the F2 key in QuickBooks to see how big your file is). If your file is bigger
than 350MB, contact us for a quote.

We can schedule the work for a weekend if you like so there would be no downtime for your team during the work week.

Guaranteed success or no charge. 

Ready to get started? Click here to order QuickBooks Online file preparation service. Then upload your file to us here.

Questions? Call free 1-800-999-9209 to speak with a live rep, or fill out the form below

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