QuickBooks Online Accounting Setup Service

Getting on the right track from the beginning will save you later 

If you are getting ready to jump on board QuickBooks Online, then an investment now in setting up the
accounting correctly will save you a ton of headaches, time, and money later on.  

Our QBO Accounting Setup will ensure that your online books are set up correctly in the first place, and that
your staff or clerk will be ready to handle the books productively and effectively from the beginning. Your bookkeeper
will know what to do and will have a great starting place to begin from.

Avoid the confusion and do-overs that often come from the trial-and-error method of learning new systems.

You will also have -- from the beginning -- books that will be in a format your banker, tax accountant, or company
owner will like to see.

Think about how much time and hassle you'll save. Here are 9 accounting setup processes that will be streamlined
for you:

  1. A CPA will setup QuickBooks Online for your new or established business
  2. Needs analysis -- We'll help you determine which version of QuickBooks Online will best meet your needs
  3. You'll get a customized chart of accounts based on your industry or service type
  4. Your basic customer list will be set up for you
  5. Your beginning balances will be correctly setup for you: banks, loans, receivables, equity, etc.
  6. Your year to date transactions will be entered for you so you will be ready to start entering your current
    transactions. Invoices, checks, deposits, and credit card transactions will be brought to current
  7. Your transactions will be properly coded to the correct accounts.
  8. Your bank accounts and credit cards will all be reconciled to ensure proper balances
  9. Assistance with bookkeeping process setup and implementation

Fill out the form below for a free quote for the service, or call 1-800-999-9209 with questions. 

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