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Please create a portable file of your data in QuickBooks if possible. To make a portable file in QuickBooks, click File / Create Copy... / Create a portable file. You might want to save your portable copy to your Windows desktop so it will be easy to find afterwards. If you cannot create a portable file in QuickBooks (because you cannot open your company, for example), zip your QBW file and upload the zip file to us. (Questions about this? Contact us.)

In the form below, enter the following:

1. Enter your own email address.

2. Enter your file's admin password at the "message or instructions" prompt. We will need this in order to open your file. Also at the message/instructions prompt, tell us whatever you think we need to know about your data situation -- errors you have received, etc.

3. Enter this at the Password prompt:    This is for enhanced security of your upload.

4. At File 1, click "Choose File" and navigate to the file you want to send to us. Select the file and click "Open". You will see that your file is selected to be uploaded. (If we have instructed to you to upload additional files, you may select them for uploading as File 2, File 3, etc.)

5. Click Start Upload to begin the upload process.

Your file will be securely transmitted to us, and the screen let you know when the upload has completed.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-999-9209 (1-719-395-8750 USA). We look forward to working on your file.

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