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QuickBooks Online File Preparation

Overcome the File Size Limits for QuickBooks Online

Does your QuickBooks file have too much information in it to be migrated to QuickBooks Online Edition? If so, we can prepare your file so it WILL migrate.

There is a file size limit for creating a “Copy for QuickBooks Online” file that you import into QuickBooks Online Edition. QuickBooks cannot create that file if your QBW file has 350K or more “targets” in it, which are detail lines in your transactions. (Press F2 in QuickBooks, and look in the left column, to see how many targets your file has.)

If you want to convert to QuickBooks Online but your file exceeds this capacity, you can still make the move. How? You simply upload your file to us and we will condense it down to an exportable size. In fact, we will return to you the OE.QBW file, the “Copy for QuickBooks Online” ready for you to import into QuickBooks Online.

How do we do it? We consolidate enough prior transactions so that the file will fit under the limit. We can do this even if the built-in condense command fails.

We can schedule the work for a weekend if you like so there would be no downtime for your team during the work week.

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